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Mojácar, Spain

Our Fatbike tours in Spain are some incredible circumnavigation of the Sierra Nevada in Andalucía; from the white-washed villages high in the mountains, to the Mederterrian Sea, to street-riding through the historic cities. Coupled with the best locally-produced cheeses, jamón and red wine, this is a full immersion into Andalucían life.

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    Daily Tour

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    Spain, Mojácar


30, € savings  if you were to purchased the tours & activities separately, and add the extras.

Are you ready to do something that is exciting and fun, unleash your freedom to explore pure adventure with no boundaries? Then take one of our Fatbike Tours.

You might ask what is a Fatbike ? A fatbike (also called fat bike or fat-tire bike) is an off-road bicycle with oversized tires, typically 3.8 in (97 mm) or larger and rims 2.6 in (66 mm) or wider, designed for low ground pressure to allow riding on soft unstable terrain, such as snow, sand, bogs and mud.

You’ll ride places you never thought you’d be able to pedal a bike. Riders are using fat bikes to traverse muddy, sandy, rocky shorelines in epic adventures. You can even tool around sand dunes in the desert, mud pits in never-dry locations, and much, much more. Fat bikes are definitely mountain bikes, but they’re so much more. It might be more appropriate to refer to these pedal-powered behemoths as “all terrain bikes,” as they allow you to–quite literally–ride anywhere.

Fatbikes can be like Enduro on a bicycle – with or without a battery assist.

“Riding a fat bike is a whole new experience,” says Nelson. “You can’t really compare it to mountain biking.” That’s because nothing hugs the trail quite like five inches of knobby tire—it creates a sense of flotation on soft surfaces where a traditional mountain bike tire would just sink in. So while it’s possible that a fat bike might be slower in certain conditions, it can be more fun—and inspire more confidence—to ride on a wider variety of terrain. “Riding your bike in the middle of the woods in winter is absolutely breathtaking,” says Nelson. “All of your subconscious fear of roots and rocks disappears because the obstacles are hidden by a beautiful white blanket of snow.

Don’t be lazy – GO FAT™ with Fatbikes Rental Spain!

Whether you’ve just discovered the joys of mountain biking, or you’re a seasoned, passionate rider, with outstanding mountain bike tours across five continents, we’re pretty confident we have the perfect Fatbike adventure for you. All you have to do is decide which one!

The Ultimate Fatbike Tours in Spain

Our Fatbike tours in Spain are some incredible circumnavigation of the Sierra Nevada in Andalucía; from the white-washed villages high in the mountains, to the Mederterrian Sea, to street-riding through the historic cities. Coupled with the best locally-produced cheeses, jamón and red wine, this is a full immersion into Andalucían life.

Are you ready for an adventurous bike ride  in the Sierra Cabrera mountains ?

The adventure tour package

On this +day(s)  sun-kissed tour Spain you’ll be immersed in the rich culture of Andalucía; from remote, mountain villages, to the shores of the Mederterrian Sea, and the vibrancy of Mojacar.  The people of southern Spain are hugely sociable and will welcome you to share home-made tapas and wine with them wherever you go.

Your local mountain bike guide will take you on rustic singletrack trails, connecting whitewashed villages in the Sierra Nevada where you’ll climb to the highest town in the area of Mojacar Spain to see its world-famous jamón and see many traditions of local families.

This tour includes  a Fatbike Mountain Tour,  Jeep Tour

Trip Highlights

  • Feasting on the best local food + wine
  • Touring the  ‘Desertlands’
  • Learning how the world-famous jamón iberico is produced
  • Bar-hopping on a tapas tour of cities
  • Riding through the streets of the Mojacar Pueblo
  • Being immersed into the local way of life in Andalucía

The ultimate Adventure Tour in Spain

For European citizens, a valid EHIC is required PLUS you will require insurance that covers you for extreme mountain biking.

View Itinerary for more information and our Faq’s

Some of the tours include meals and drinks during or after the tour. Savor tasty Paella, a Spanish Valencian rice dish with ancient roots, BBQ meal and during one tour we have bocadillos, veggies and drinks. During the tour days, we offer free shuttle service to and from our base camp. In addition to this tour, the day off optional 3rd party partner activities are provided with discounts. If you were to pay separate for the tours, your meals, drinks and taxi service , this tour would cost you well over 700,€

*  price of this package does not includes our select partner hotel or accommodation, does not include additional days meals, drinks, airfare or other travel costs. See our policies for what the tours include. However we have special discounted rates at select partner hotels. We will help you find the right hotel, and suggest many other places to go out at night or enjoy your holiday.


Trek one of the most famous and beautiful beach routes in the world.


Drink a refreshing Tinto de Verano or Sangria on the beach.


You will want to take many selfies and group photos along the way.


Trek along some of the most beautiful mountain cliffs in the world.


  • See the beach at sunrise or sunset – a powerful, almost spiritual, experience.
  • Stop by local bar that offer a chance to connect with travelers of a similar.
  • Several optional add ons including massages, kayaking and mountain trekking.
  • Further arrangements to restaurants  can be made.


This trip includes:

  • Local support and briefing in Mojacar
  • Round trip bus transfer from the airport available
  • 4 Night accommodation in rural hostel
  • Consultation, packing and preparation support.


This trip does not include:

  • Tour guides familiar with the history of the area
  • We suggest adding travel insurance. We can provide you with a quote as well.


After leaving base camp, ride straight from the base camp towards Sierra up to Bedar, where you will follow the “Gudaris” track—singletrack trails hand-made by the miners in the 1950’s. The trails are lovely and flowing in parts and in other sections you’ll need to keep your wits about you as it gets more rocky and technical. True Andalucían style! Stop for a quick water break and photo op, then continue with the Spanish sun at your back. Enjoy riding through overlooking the sierra Nevada mountains and the mediterranean sea, agricultural landscapes of almond trees, vineyards and olive groves, slowly watching your surroundings transform into recovered forests of pine and local oak trees. We head back to our base camp and a shuttle will take you back to your hotel. 3-4 hours aprox.

Stop for a break at a traditional Buddhist temple, then head to a mountain bar for a rest. After you will come back to base camp and enjoy a break with some enjoy some music, while the caterer prepares the famous Spanish Paella (a Spanish Valencian rice dish with ancient root) and drinks (this meal and drinks incl in package price).
Today your guide will take you on a late afternoon to begin a Jeep Tour to the top heights of another mountain, traveling through muddy, sandy riverbeds. At the top we can enjoy a nice meal at a picnic area, before the descend down. While there we will have a nice BBQ with drinks and enjoy the stars. Definitely a tour worth remembering for a lifetime.
Take a tour (if the jeeps are available) in a Route that runs through the PN Cabo de Gata-Nijar, Biosphere Reserve, unique in Europe for its beautiful scenery for insight into its volcanic origin, its famous pristine beaches, towering cliffs and wildlife. Definitely the best route for sport enjoying family and nature at its best.

While there we stop at the beach location where the film "Pirates of the Caribbean " was filmed, and enjoy some fun in the sun and water.

Meals and drinks are not included, so bring what you want to snack on.

The Cabo de Gata area is famous around the world because the way the volcanology has manifested in different forms of rock formations. Wherever you look, there are traces of colcanic activity, erosion and sedimentation. It is dated about 12 million years ago. Only a small part of the mountain chain has a more developed volcanic area which now appears almost submerged, between Spain and North Africa, appearing only, in the island of Alboran. This area in Cabo is one of the most extensive volcanic regions of Spain. The most frequent in this area is of lava domes. These are the protuberances formed by the accumulation around the eruptive mouth, viscous laval an dinability to flow.

Following these lava dome formations as Mesa Roldan, the Volcanic crater most visible by the Rodalquilar valley, the dunes oolitic fossils on the beach of Genoveses and in El Playazo, fossilized tongues of lava on the beach of Monsul, volcanic chimneys the most beautiful examples are the reef of the Sirens, and the mountains formed entirely by colcanic material like the Cerro Negro in the village of Las Negras.

Although our tour cannot take you to all these places in the region, we will focus on the highlights and the pirate beach, used in the movie Pirates of the Carribian. But this was not the only time the area was visted by pirates. It was chosen by the movie as a location because near the beach of El Playazo, a luxury for bathers a defensive tower was built in the sixteenth century. It served to protect from teh attacks by pirates. During the middle ages, the area exploited Alum. The Barbary pirates took advantage of mineral transport to the beach to steal it, that is why the tower was built.
Why Go on this tour ? Feasting on the best local food and wine, spectacular views, best of the best Fatbike tours in the world.

You will need all your regular riding kit plus elbow, knee/ shin pads. Insurance – proof of coverage.

For European citizens, a valid EHIC is required PLUS you will require insurance that covers you for extreme mtbing. We can recommend SnowCard https://www.snowcard.co.uk/ or https://www.sportscoverdirect.com/

Bike locks and helmets provided


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