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Your custom travel agent

Fat bikes tours Spain

Sit back and relax while we find you the best travel deals with our partnered airlines, hotels, rentals and vacation homes.

When you book your tour(s), we will get in contact with you to book your travel arrangements for you.  In some cases we will send you the link with the promotion code for you to setup your flights and accommodation.

If you desire another hotel, flight, simply change it yourself.

We recommend staying at the group hotel, to minify your shuttle costs between pickup and drop off points.

Do it yourself.  We have many partnered services on this website, where you can search for your own flights / hotels.  Our group featured hotel is listed. If you are coming in a group, our privately owned vacation condo maybe the choice for your group when it is available.

Tour packages.  Some of our tour packages already include accommodation.  The only thing it does not include is extra’s you order from concierge services at the hotel.


The following are always included in a package tour

  • Accommodation in the holiday condo or partner hotel (hotel has double rooms)
  • Tour guides
  • Rental bikes for each guided bike tour
  • Daily shuttle transfer from accommodation to base points

The follow are not included on package tours, or any other tour

  • Supplemental single room
  • Additional add-on tours / activity tours (priced by package)
  • Upgrade to 4 or 5 star hotel
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Travel cancellation insurance
  • Accompanying persons
  • Extension days
  • Meals, snacks and drinks
  • Sightseeing & activity tour shuttles
  • Taxi’s
  • Pickup during tour when rider can’t continue further

See our policies, general travel conditions, and terms of use pages for more information.

In the end we try and make your travel and accommodation search and booking as easy as possible.