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Celebrity Tours – for the rich and famous – Adventure Tours Spain

Celebrity Tours – for the rich and famous – Adventure Tours Spain

We are ACT Events Planner.    We have been working with celebrities, and the rich and famous since the last Indiana Jones the Last Crusade.     Because movies is our primary business but in Spain they are seasonal, so we offer tours in off season, and other services.

In the other seasons we host, plan, provide services for Celebrity Weddings.

The summer season is to hot for film production so we offer private tours for Celebrities, the rich and famous.

Because we work with Celebrities, we know the details of keeping things secret and private and all about security and protocols.  Our staff keeps things confidential.

We keep security up to you but we have access to security guards if needed, just ask.

So we recommend for you some special tours. Check out the links and photos from each tour.

Our favorite Fatbike (Mountain biking with big wheels and electric motor assist) is the Fatbike Mountain Tour #3 

We can also do a private beach fatbike tour it varies in degrees of difficulty

If you prefer we can do a combo with a Jeep Excursion, or a city tour or other type of activity.

Our listings are found here 

All of our booking is done online on this website, however we ask you to contact us after you make the booking, regarding the celebrity protocols and details we need to plan and discuss.

Please note the security services are additional charge from the tour, however we have a tour guide familiar with protocols. We also have private cars to hire, classic cars, limousines and shuttles.

We can also provide catering and other services.